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B13: Guinness Advertising Tin Chess Board. B2: Central European Games Box c1700
B23: German Fruitwood Games Box dated and inscribed in medieval German "I am weary of infidelity" B25: European folding traveller ivory games box 18th Century
B3: North Italian Chess Gamesbox 17th Century B6: Unusual French leather box board including chess backgammon and merels c1750
B7: Coromandel Pen and Ink Board sign/dated 1836 B23: 18th Century Antique Inlaid European Box Board

B26: Continental Ivory and Wood Boxboard 17th century B25: Large French Rosewood Double Sided Games Board 19th Century
B11: Georgian Walnut box board c1800 B24: Early German Pine Box Board with burnished decoration (punzieter)
B15: Inlaid games box Mid 19th Century B16: English Mahogany and Ivory Box Board Early 19th Century
B17: Irish Killarney-ware Arbutus Wood Box Board 19th C.
B19: Central European Ebony and Ivory Folding Chess and Backgammon Board Early 18th C. B20: Central European Ebony and Ivory Decorative Folding Chess and Merels Board 17th Century
B21: Early German Pine Box Board B22: 19th Century English Ivory Inlaid Games Box

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